UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG9604T 600MHz 4Ch Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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The Uni-Trend UTG9604T Elite-Series arbitrary waveform generator takes your test bench to the next level. Affordably produce 600MHz signals in a variety of modulations.

Top Specifications

600MHz, 4 channels, 2.5GSa/s, Memory Depth: 64Mpts, 10.1in display, USB. Modulations: AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, QAM, ASK, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, SUM
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Transform your testing encounters with the Uni-T UTG9604T Waveform Generator

UTG9504T Arbitrary Wave
Uni-T UTG9604T Arbitrary Wave

Featuring an array of advanced functionalities, the Uni-T UTG9604T Elite-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator is your gateway to precision, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Step up your testing capabilities with the UTG9604T waveform generator, a genuine game-changer for your engineering pursuits.

Uni-T UTG9504T Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Frequency: 600MHz
  • Channel: 4
  • Arbitrary Wavelength: 64Mpts
  • Maximum Sampling Rate: 2.5GSa/s
  • Vertical Resolution: 16bits
  • Minimum Edge Time: within 1.5ns, adjustable duty ratio
  • Maximum Output Swing: 20Vpp
  • Digital Protocol Output: SPI, I2C, UART
  • Screen Display: 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, 1280*800 resolution

Uni-T UTG9604T Top Features:

      • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Function: This device incorporates the Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) function, providing a high-precision, stable, pure, and low-distortion signal. Additionally, it excels in generating high-frequency waves with rapid rising and falling edges. As a high-performance, multifunction four-channel arbitrary function generator, it boasts a user-friendly touch screen, superior technical specifications, and a graph display designed for enhanced work performance. This versatile product is designed to meet both current and future testing requirements, offering a multitude of capabilities to support various applications.
UTG9000T Frequency Meter
Uni-T UTG9000T Frequency Meter
      • Digital Protocol Output: Equipped with three standard serial protocols—SPI, I2C, and UART—UTG9604T allows users to compile corresponding parameters and generate serial signal waveforms for each protocol. This functionality serves to test and verify protocol interfaces, providing input signals for interface assessment. This feature enhances the specificity and effectiveness of interface measurements during operations.
      • Frequency Meter: Incorporated within is a built-in frequency meter, simplifying the process of testing frequency signals. To perform the test, connect the signal to the "counter" on the rear panel, and the result will be readily obtained.
      • Channel Merging: UTG9604T offers the capability to combine CH1 with CH2 and CH3 with CH4, providing exceptional real-time and true superposition features to display complex waveforms effectively.
      • Four-Channel Sync Display: This model comprises four channels, with CH1 and CH2 designated as the primary channels, while CH3 and CH4 belong to the secondary channels. Users have the flexibility to switch and view signal parameters for all four channels simultaneously on a single screen, simplifying operation and facilitating the recording of parameters.
UTG9000T Channel Merging
Uni-T UTG9000T Channel Merging
      • Multiple Modulation Mode: It provides support for various analog and digital modulation techniques, including AM, FM, PM, DSBAM, QAM, ASK, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, and SUM. The device offers both internal and external modulating signal sources, offering a diverse range of modulation signals to cater to waveform generation requirements spanning radio, TV, and mobile networks.
      • Channel Coupling: CH1 couples with CH2, and CH3 couples with CH4 through a channel coupling function. Activate this function when another channel requires the same or related signal waveform. UTG9604T offers three coupling modes to accommodate various needs. Channel coupling efficiently transfers parameters to the other channel, fulfilling the demand for synchronized waveform switching.
      • Sweep Frequency: In addition to linear and logarithmic frequency modes, it introduces two additional modes: stepping and list. Users can specify the frequency step and time interval between each frequency point, allowing the generation of a waveform for stepping sweeps. Alternatively, by predefining a list, the output time interval corresponding to each frequency point in the list generates a frequency waveform. This feature empowers users to custom compile frequency waveforms according to their specific requirements.
UTG9000T Sweep Frequency
Uni-T UTG9000T Sweep Frequency
      • PRBS: UTG9504T has PRBS wave, which is PN3, PN5, PN7, PN9, PN11, PN13, PN15, PN17, PN21, PN23, PN25, PN27, PN29, PN31, PN33. These are for product performance measurement.
      • One-button SNR: Easily assess the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) on a continuous waveform with a single button press on UTG9604T. Users have the flexibility to customize SNR parameters according to their specific requirements, making it convenient for testing the input tolerance capability of the product.
      • Arbitrary Wave: UTG9604T has a nonvolatile memory that stores more than 200 types of standard waveforms. The upper-computer software allows for the creation and compilation of arbitrary waves. Users can utilize the USB interface on the front panel to access arbitrary wave data files from a USB. This feature offers a wide range of flexible arbitrary waves for testing standard waveforms in various fields such as medical, biological, mathematical, and others.

Prepare to transform your testing endeavors and elevate your engineering projects to new heights! The Uni-T UTG9604T arbitrary waveform generator provides unmatched precision, versatility, and reliability. Seize the chance to enhance your work and achieve extraordinary results. Take action now and integrate the Uni-T UTG9604T into your toolkit. Secure your purchase today with this elite arbitrary waveform generator!

UTG9000T Digital Protocol Output
UTG9000T Digital Protocol Output
UTG9000T Four Channel Display
UTG9000T Four Channel Display
UTG9000T Channel Coupling
UTG9000T Channel Coupling
UTG9000T Multiple Modulation Mode
UTG9000T Multiple Modulation Mode
UTG9000T One-button SNR
Uni-T UTG9000T One-button SNR
Model Number UTG9604T
Frequency 600MHz
Square/Pulse (Hz) 200MHz
Channels 4Ch
Refresh Rate 2.5GSa/s
Memory Depth 64Mpts
Vertical Resolution 16 Bits
Waveforms Sine  Square  Ramp  Pulse  Harmonic  Noise  DC  Arbitrary  PRBS 
# Built-in Arbs 200
Sweep Modes Linear  Logarithmic  List Frequency  Stepping 
Frequency Counter 100mHz - 800MHz
Display Size (in) 10.1in
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 13 in x 4 in x 6 in
Product Weight 8 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, BNC straight line*2
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