The Uni-T MSO/UPO3000E series digital phosphor oscilloscope: your ultimate tool for precision measurements. With UNI-T’s cutting-edge Ultra Phosphor 2.0 technology, this high-performance oscilloscope delivers exceptional ease of use and outstanding technical capabilities. Whether you’re in communication, semiconductor, computer, or automotive electronics, the MSO/UPO3000E streamlines your design, debugging, and testing tasks. Plus, our Fast Acquire technology ensures accurate capture of video, jitter, noise, and low-wave signals. Get ahead with the MSO/UPO3000E! 
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Uni-T Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Buying Guide

Welcome to Uni-T's comprehensive buying guide for Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs). Whether you're an experienced electrical engineer or just starting out, our guide will help you explore the world of MSOs. Uni-T offers a range of MSOs with bandwidths ranging from 100MHz to 500MHz, featuring two or four analog signal channel inputs, a logic analyzer function with 16 digital channel inputs, and select models even include a 50MHz function generator output. Let's dive into the essential features, explain key terms, and highlight practical applications to assist you in choosing the perfect Uni-T MSO for your projects.

Key Features to Consider

1. Bandwidth

Selecting the right bandwidth is crucial. Uni-T's MSOs in the 100MHz to 500MHz range ensure you can accurately capture signals of varying frequencies. Higher bandwidths are ideal for faster signals.

2. Analog Channel Inputs

Uni-T offers MSOs with two or four analog channel inputs, allowing you to monitor multiple analog signals simultaneously. Choose the configuration that suits your project's complexity.

3. Logic Analyzer Function

Uni-T MSOs come equipped with a logic analyzer function, enabling you to observe and analyze digital signals. Our models provide a minimum of 16 digital channel inputs for comprehensive debugging.

4. Function Generator Output

Some Uni-T MSOs include a built-in 50MHz function generator, a valuable feature for generating and testing various waveforms. If this capability is essential for your work, consider these models.

5. Sample Rate and Memory Depth

Uni-T's MSOs offer high sample rates and generous memory depth, ensuring you can capture and analyze transient events and long data sequences with precision.

6. Triggering Options

Uni-T MSOs provide advanced triggering capabilities, including edge, pulse width, and serial bus triggering, empowering you to isolate specific events in your signals.

7. Software and Connectivity

Our MSOs are designed for seamless integration into your workflow. Ensure compatibility with your preferred software, easy data transfer, and network connectivity options.

8. Build Quality and Form Factor

Uni-T takes pride in the build quality of our MSOs. We offer both portable and benchtop models to suit various workspace requirements, all built to last for long-term use.

Demystifying Common Terms

  • Bandwidth: The range of frequencies an oscilloscope can accurately measure.
  • Sample Rate: The number of data points the oscilloscope captures per second.
  • Memory Depth: The amount of data the oscilloscope can store for analysis.
  • Triggering: Setting conditions for capturing specific signal events.
  • Serial Bus Triggering: Triggering on specific serial communication protocols like SPI, I2C, or UART.
  • Waveform Generator: A function that generates various waveforms for testing and calibration purposes.

Practical Use Cases with Uni-T MSOs

1. 100MHz Uni-T Oscilloscope

Our 100MHz MSO is perfect for beginners and hobbyists. It handles basic electronic circuits, audio signals, low-speed digital communication, and sensor monitoring with ease.

2. 300MHz Uni-T Oscilloscope

Engineers working on digital design, power electronics, and medium-speed digital communication projects will find our 300MHz MSO to be a versatile tool, suitable for most general-purpose tasks.

3. 350MHz Uni-T Oscilloscope

For those dealing with high-speed digital communication and advanced electronics design, Uni-T's 350MHz MSO excels. It's perfect for troubleshooting complex circuits and ensuring signal integrity.

4. 500MHz Uni-T Oscilloscope

For cutting-edge projects involving high-frequency RF circuits, advanced signal processing, and high-speed data communication, our 500MHz MSO offers the precision and accuracy you need for demanding applications.

In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the right mixed-signal oscilloscope, Uni-T offers a range of options tailored to your specific project requirements. Explore our reputable brand, read user reviews, and consult with colleagues to make an informed decision that enhances your engineering capabilities. Trust Uni-T for quality, precision, and reliability in your oscilloscope needs.

Visit our product pages to explore our full range of MSOs and find the perfect one for your next project.