Unleash Efficiency with the Uni-T UDP6900 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies! These single-output power supplies redefine versatility. Achieve a variety of voltage and current combinations under fixed power, streamlining your testing process. Whether you’re dealing with high voltage and low current or high current and low voltage, a single UDP6900 supply does it all—saving costs and space. The UDP6900B series features standard RS232, RS485, LAN, USB, and analog interfaces, supporting SCPI protocol for seamless remote control. Build an intelligent test platform with ease! Widely used in DC/DC power modules, battery charging, and sensor testing. Elevate your efficiency today!
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Buying Guide: Uni-T Switching Power Supplies for Test Benches

When it comes to outfitting your test bench with a reliable power supply, Uni-T offers single-channel switching power supplies that deliver up to 150V DC and up to 25A DC. Here's a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these benchtop units to help you make an informed decision.


  • Higher Efficiency: Uni-T switching power supplies are highly efficient, converting a significant portion of input power into usable output power. This efficiency reduces heat generation, improving the overall lifespan of the power supply and lowering energy costs.
  • Compact Size: The efficient design of switching power supplies allows for a more compact and lightweight form factor. This is beneficial for test benches where space is often limited, allowing you to maximize your workspace.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: These power supplies can operate effectively over a broad range of input voltages. This flexibility is advantageous in test bench environments where the power source may vary or where the power supply needs to be used in different locations.
  • High Output Capabilities: With the ability to provide up to 150V DC and 25A DC, Uni-T switching power supplies are suitable for high-power applications. This makes them ideal for tasks requiring significant voltage and current levels on the test bench.


  • Noise: Switching power supplies can generate more electrical noise and ripple compared to linear power supplies. This noise can interfere with sensitive electronic measurements and precision applications, potentially affecting the accuracy of your results on the test bench.
  • Complexity: The design of switching power supplies is more complex, which can lead to higher initial costs and potentially more complicated maintenance and troubleshooting. This complexity may require a higher level of technical expertise to manage effectively.

Use Cases:

  • High-Power Testing: Uni-T switching power supplies are ideal for testing high-power components, circuits, and systems that require up to 150V and 25A. Their high output capabilities make them suitable for demanding test scenarios on the bench.
  • Communication Systems: These power supplies are useful for testing telecommunications equipment that requires stable high voltage and current. The wide input voltage range and high output capabilities ensure reliable power delivery for communication system tests.
  • Laboratory Experiments: For lab experiments that require a reliable and efficient power source with higher voltage and current needs, Uni-T switching power supplies provide the necessary performance. Their compact design also helps save valuable bench space.
  • Research and Development: In R&D environments where precise control and high power are needed, Uni-T switching power supplies offer the necessary capabilities. Their high efficiency and robust design make them ideal for a variety of test bench applications.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: These power supplies are excellent for quality assurance testing, providing consistent and reliable power for testing the durability and performance of various components and devices.

Uni-T's single-channel switching power supplies, with their robust features and high performance, offer a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of test bench applications. Explore our range of switching power supplies to find the perfect match for your testing and laboratory needs.