The Uni-T UPO1002 series digital phosphor oscilloscope is the new standard of precision measurements for those on a budget. With UNI-T’s cutting-edge Ultra Phosphor 2.0 technology, this series boasts a sleek new appearance, deep storage capabilities, and a high waveform capture rate. You’ll appreciate real-time waveform recording and playback, along with a 256-level grayscale display. The UPO1002 supports DVM modules, rich trigger options, and bus decoding functions. Whether you’re in embedded system design, instrumentation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, automotive applications, field maintenance, or education, the UPO1002 is your versatile companion. Elevate your work with the UPO1002! 
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Uni-T Digital Oscilloscope Buying Guide

Welcome to Uni-T's comprehensive buying guide for digital oscilloscopes with bandwidth ranging from 50MHz to 500MHz, featuring two channels. At Uni-T, we understand the importance of choosing the right oscilloscope for your engineering needs. This guide will assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a digital oscilloscope that meets your requirements.

Key Features to Consider

1. Bandwidth

  • Uni-T oscilloscopes offer a wide range of bandwidth options, including 50MHz, 70MHz, 100MHz, 150MHz, and 200MHz. Choose the bandwidth that matches the highest frequency signal you anticipate encountering in your applications.

2. Channels

  • Our two-channel oscilloscopes are designed to provide versatility and efficiency for engineers. You can simultaneously observe and compare two signals, making them suitable for various engineering tasks.

3. Sample Rate

  • Uni-T oscilloscopes boast high sample rates to accurately capture and reproduce fast signal changes. A higher sample rate ensures precise measurements, even for high-frequency events.

4. Resolution

  • Uni-T oscilloscopes feature excellent resolution, allowing you to capture the smallest voltage changes with precision. This ensures you don't miss crucial waveform details during analysis.

5. Memory Depth

  • With generous memory depth, Uni-T oscilloscopes enable you to capture extended time spans of data, which is essential for in-depth analysis of complex or long-duration signals.

6. Advanced Triggering Options

  • Uni-T oscilloscopes offer a wide array of triggering options, including edge triggering, pulse width triggering, and serial bus triggering. These advanced features help you capture specific events accurately.

7. User-Friendly Interface

  • Uni-T prioritizes user experience with intuitive displays and user-friendly interfaces. Our high-resolution screens and customizable settings ensure efficient waveform analysis.

8. Probing Options

  • Uni-T provides compatible high-quality probes that match the oscilloscope's bandwidth, guaranteeing accurate signal measurements.

9. Data Export and Connectivity

  • Our oscilloscopes offer seamless data export and connectivity options. Easily transfer data to your computer or network for thorough analysis and documentation.

Practical Use Cases by Bandwidth

1. 50MHz Oscilloscope

  • Uni-T's 50MHz oscilloscope is perfect for basic electronics troubleshooting and educational purposes. It excels at measuring low-frequency analog signals and simple digital circuits.

2. 70MHz Oscilloscope

  • Our 70MHz oscilloscope provides versatility, making it suitable for mid-range analog and digital signal analysis. It's an excellent choice for general electronics work and embedded systems development.

3. 100MHz Oscilloscope

  • Uni-T's 100MHz oscilloscope is a versatile workhorse, capable of handling a broad range of tasks, including power electronics, telecommunications, and control systems.

4. 150MHz Oscilloscope

  • For engineers dealing with high-speed digital design and more complex analog signals, Uni-T's 150MHz oscilloscope is ideal. It excels in applications like RF circuit testing and automotive electronics.

5. 200MHz Oscilloscope

  • Uni-T's 200MHz oscilloscope is the go-to choice for advanced applications in fields such as telecommunications, aerospace, and high-frequency RF design. Its precision and performance meet the demands of accurate measurements in these critical areas.

Uni-T understands that selecting the right oscilloscope is crucial for engineers, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. By considering your specific application requirements and the features discussed in this guide, you can confidently choose a Uni-T digital oscilloscope that will enhance your engineering work. Explore our product range and experience the quality and reliability that Uni-T is known for.