UTG2025A 25MHz 2Ch Signature-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator


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The Uni-Trend UTG2025A Signature-Series aribtrary waveform generator is an affordable and stable 25MHz source for your test bench.

Top Specifications

25MHz, 2 channels, 125MS/s, Memory Depth: 8Kpts, 4.3in display, USB. Modulations: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Sweep, Burst
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Unlock Infinite Possibilities with the UTG2025A Series

Uni-T UTG2000A 25MHz output
Uni-T UTG2000A 25MHz output

Are you ready to elevate your waveform generation to a whole new level? The Uni-T UTG2025A arbitrary waveform generator is the key to transforming your electronics experiments and projects. With advanced features, unmatched affordability, and unbeatable performance, this instrument stands as a testament to excellence in the world of signal generators.

The Power of UTG2025A Series:

The Uni-T UTG2025A arbitrary waveform generator redefines what you can expect from an entry-level waveform generator. It combines cutting-edge capabilities like 14-bit high resolution and a rapid 125MSa/s sampling rate, all while remaining a part of our most affordable line of generators. With 48 built-in arbitrary waveforms at your fingertips, this generator takes your experiments to a whole new level.

For Students and Engineers Alike:

Uni-T UTG2000A modulation functions
Uni-T UTG2000A modulation functions

The Uni-T UTG2025A arbitrary waveform generator delivers a powerful yet low-cost signal generator that caters to both students and seasoned engineers. Whether you're just starting your journey into electronics or you're a seasoned pro, this instrument empowers you to achieve your goals with ease.

Uni-T UTG2025A Top Specifications:

  • Max. Output Frequency: Experience versatility with a maximum output frequency of 25 MHz.
  • Sample Rate: Achieve precision with a sampling rate of 125 MSa/s.
  • Vertical Resolution: Enjoy exceptional clarity with 14 bits of vertical resolution.
  • Channels: Harness flexibility with 2 independent channels at your disposal.
  • Arbitrary Wavelength: Fine-tune your waveforms with up to 8 Kpts of arbitrary wave length.

Limitless Frequency Output and Multiple Waveforms:

The Uni-T UTG2025A Series offers 2 channels with a maximum frequency output of 25MHz. Choose from a plethora of waveform signals including sine waves, square waves, ramps, pulses, noise, DC, and arbitrary waveforms. You have the power to customize your experiments like never before.

Versatile Modulation Functions:

Unlock a world of possibilities with multiple analog and numerical modulation functions, including AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, and PWM. Precision and control are at your fingertips, allowing you to explore new dimensions in your testing.

48 Built-In Arbitrary Waveforms:

Uni-T UTG2000A arbitrary waveform functions
Uni-T UTG2000A arbitrary waveform functions

With 48 standard waveforms built into non-volatile memory, you have instant access to commonly used functions, mathematical functions, trigonometric functions, and window functions. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to creativity.

Frequency Sweep Waveforms:

Experience the future of frequency sweep with the Uni-T UTG2025A. Within specified sweep times, step from the starting frequency to the stop frequency with either linear or logarithmic spacing. Trigger the output from an internal source, external source, or manually. The sweep function applies to sine waves, square waves, ramps, and arbitrary waveforms.

Burst Outputs:

The Uni-T UTG2025A arbitrary waveform generator offers cycle-specified waveform outputs or bursts. These bursts can be triggered manually or via an internal or external trigger. With three types of bursts available - N-Cycle, gated, and infinite - your testing possibilities are boundless.

Uni-T UTG2000A sweep functions
Uni-T UTG2000A sweep functions

Ready to take your electronics experiments to the next level? The Uni-T UTG2025A arbitrary waveform generator is your gateway to precision, versatility, and affordability. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your work and achieve outstanding results. Act now and make the UTG2025A Series an indispensable addition to your toolkit. Purchase yours today and unlock the infinite possibilities of waveform generation!

Model Number UTG2025A
Frequency 25MHz
Channels 2Ch
Refresh Rate 125MSa/s
Memory Depth 8kpts
Vertical Resolution 14 Bits
Display Size (in) 4.3in
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Dimmensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 13 in x 13 in
Shipping Weight 10 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, BNC straight-through cable, BNC to alligator clip cable
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