UTG1042X 40MHz 2Ch Essential-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

UTG1042X 40MHz 2Ch Essential-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG1042X 40MHz 2Ch Essential-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG1042X 40MHz 2Ch Essential-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG1042X 40MHz 2Ch Essential-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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The Uni-Trend UTG1042X Essential-Series arbitrary waveform generator is an affordable and stable 40MHz source for your test bench.

Top Specifications

40MHz, 2 channel, 200MS/s, Memory Depth: 4Kpts, 4.3in display, USB. Modulations: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Sweep.
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High-performing, Accurate and Efficient - UTG1042X Waveform Generator

Uni-T UTG1000X digital modulations
Uni-T UTG1000X Digital Modulations

The Uni-T UTG1042X is a game-changer for arbitrary waveform generators. It excels in producing precise, stable, clean, and low-distortion signals. With its intuitive operation, superior technical indicators, and user-friendly graphic display, UTG1042X serves as a versatile tool suitable for educational purposes. It meets the requirements for learning and testing, contributing to improved efficiency in educational environments.

The Essential Specifications of UTG1042X:

This essential-series arbitrary waveform generator has 200MSa/s sampling rate and a 16-bit vertical resolution. The UTG1042X has a dual-channel equivalent capabilities with a maximum output frequency of 40MHz and a peak-to-peak maximum output amplitude of 20Vpp. It also comes with comprehensive analog and digital modulation capabilities encompassing AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK, and PWM. Its arbitrary wavelength is 4kpts.

How is this Useful for Engineers and Students:

Uni-T UTG1000X digital sampling
Uni-T UTG1000X Digital Sampling

For engineers in pursuit of unparalleled signal fidelity and dependable waveform generation, the Uni-T UTG1042X arbitrary waveform generator is the ultimate solution. Boasting an impressive feature set, this instrument excels in reproducing waveforms with exceptional fidelity and minimal jitter. It serves as the gateway to fulfilling the requirements of intricate and expansive applications, both present and future.

    High Level of Vertical Resolution:

    Experience a heightened level of precision and accuracy with the 16-bit vertical resolution in this function generator. It stands as the optimal choice for engineers and researchers engaged in critical and high-precision projects, minimizing signal distortion and facilitating realistic simulations of analog signals. Utilize it to simulate intricate analog circuits with unparalleled precision.

    Multiple Arbitrary Waveforms Built-in:

    Loaded with a broad assortment of signal shapes and waveform options, the Uni-T UTG1042X arbitrary waveform generator offers a wide range of signals for your applications. With a selection of 200 built-in arbitrary waveforms, you gain the flexibility to craft distinctive and complex waveforms. Utilize these diverse waveforms to simulate real-world signals during testing and validation procedures.

    Rich Analog & Digital Modulation Functions:

    Uni-T UTG1000X sweep function
    Uni-T UTG1000X Sweep Function

    Explore a realm of modulation possibilities through a variety of analog and digital modulation functions, encompassing AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM. Leverage these modulation functions to assess the performance of communication systems and modulation schemes.

    Sweep Feature & Pulse Train Output:

    Embark on sweeping explorations utilizing both linear and logarithmic scan types with the Uni-T UTG1042X. Whether scanning from low frequency to high frequency or the reverse, this instrument caters to your needs. Select your carrier wave from sine, square, sawtooth, or arbitrary waveforms, and initiate scans manually, externally, or internally. It supports pulse train output at the same time.

    Frequency Meter:

    The Uni-T UTG1042X is your reliable instrument for accurate signal analysis. This arbitrary waveform generator has a high-precision frequency meter, which can measure the frequency range of 100mHz to 200MHz.

    Uni-T UTG1000X frequency range
    Uni-T UTG1000X Frequency Range

    The Uni-T UTG1042X arbitrary waveform generator presents an affordable yet potent signal generator suitable for both novice learners and experienced engineers. Whether you're embarking on your initial exploration of electronics or you're an adept professional, this instrument provides the capability to attain your objectives effortlessly. Secure your UTG1042X today and see how powerful this waveform generator is for yourself!

    Model Number UTG1042X
    Frequency 40MHz
    Square/Pulse (Hz) 20MHz
    Channels 2Ch
    Refresh Rate 200MSa/s
    Memory Depth 4kpts
    Vertical Resolution 16 Bits
    # Built-in Arbs 200
    Modulation Types AM  FM  FSK  PM  ASK  PSK  PWM 
    Sweep Modes Linear  Logarithmic 
    Frequency Counter 100mHz - 200MHz
    Display Size (in) 4.3in
    Warranty 3 years
    Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 9 in x 12 in x 4 in
    Product Weight 5 lb
    Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
    Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, BNC straight-through cable, BNC to alligator clip cable
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