UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer

UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
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The Uni-Trend UTS5026A Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer is an affordable 26.5GHz signal analyzer that's ideal for microwave spectrum analysis, spurious searches, and noise-power measurements. The UTS5026A is a versatile tool for research, development, and troubleshooting in RF and microwave applications. Upgrade your bench and gain a valuable instrument for education, pre-compliance testing, and legacy spectrum analyzer replacement.

Top Specifications

Freq: 9kHz—26.5GHz, RBW: 1Hz—3MHz, DANL: -163dBm/Hz, Phase noise: -107dBc/Hz, Full Amplitude Accuracy: <0.7dB, Display: 15.6in touch screen, USB/LAN, SCPI
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Unlock Advanced RF Analysis with the Uni-T UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer

In the continuously evolving field of electronics and telecommunications, the need for precision and versatility remains constant. Introducing the Uni-T UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer—a robust instrument meticulously crafted to fulfill the demanding requirements of electrical engineers, RF professionals, and educators specializing in electrical and RF engineering. Covering an extensive frequency range from 9kHz to an impressive 26.5GHz, this advanced analyzer unlocks a plethora of advantages and applications.

Uni-T UTS3084B Sensitivity
Uni-T UTS5026A Sensitivity

Advanced RF Research and Development:

For electrical and RF engineers venturing into cutting-edge projects that demand high-frequency analysis, such as satellite communication systems, microwave technology, and radar systems, the UTS5026A proves indispensable. Its extended frequency range equips professionals to navigate the intricacies of these high-frequency applications, guaranteeing precision and accuracy in their endeavors.

Uni-T UTS5026A Key Specifications:

  • Frequency Measurement Range: 9kHz to 26.5GHz
  • DANL: -163dBm (typical)
  • Phase Noise: <-107dBc/Hz (offset 10kHz, typical)
  • Minimum Resolution of Bandwidth (RBW): 1Hz
  • Display: 15.6in, 1920x1080 HD Thin Film Transistor LCD Display Screen
  • Interface: Keyboard, mouse, storage, upper computer, remote control, web control, multi-device synchronization, demonstration monitoring, audio buzzer
  • Scanning points up to 100,001 scanning points
  • Advanced function one-key measurement (option)
  • EMI analysis function (optional)
  • Analog demodulation analyzer (optional)
  • Vector signal analysis (optional)
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer (optional)
  • I/Q analyzer (optional)

Engineering in the Field of Education:

Offering a hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment, educators successfully bridge the divide between theoretical knowledge and practical application, effectively preparing students for real-world challenges in the field. Within the domain of education, the UTS5026A stands out as an exemplary instructional tool. It empowers educators specializing in electrical and RF engineering to acquaint students with the intricacies of handling high-frequency RF signals.

Precision Signal Analysis:

The Uni-T UTS5026A delivers outstanding selectivity, ensuring unparalleled signal resolution even when faced with adjacent unequal amplitudes. This capability is crucial in situations where precise signal separation and analysis are essential, such as identifying interference sources in densely populated frequency bands.

Uni-T UTS3084B EMI
Uni-T UTS5026A EMI

Excellent Sensitivity to Test Weaker Signals:

Challenges arise when testing weaker signals due to the spectrum analyzer's inherent noise floor. The UTS5026A series, with an impressive Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) as low as -163dBm, excels in sensitivity. This feature proves essential for effectively testing weak signals, particularly in applications where signal strength is minimal, such as monitoring low-power transmissions or detecting subtle signal variations.

Multi-Touch HD Screen for Quick Operation:

A 15.6-inch multi-touch HD capacitive screen facilitates swift menu adjustments, supporting various gestures like dragging, expanding, and zooming out on the trace. This user-friendly interface streamlines human-computer interaction, addressing the challenge of cumbersome and complex operations.

Flexible Reference Options:

The UTS3084B offers both internal and external reference source options, automatically switching to an external reference source when a 10MHz clock signal is detected. This flexibility streamlines synchronization with other devices, critical in applications demanding precise synchronization, such as network timing.

Uni-T UTS5026A Touch
Uni-T UTS5026A Touch Screen

Removable Dust Mesh:

Equipped with a removable dust filter, users can clean the air inlet to remove accumulated dust after prolonged use. This maintenance feature is essential for ensuring the overall reliability of the instrument, preventing potential issues such as short-circuits, burns, or fires caused by dust accumulation.

The Uni-T UTS5026A 26.5GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer serves as a flexible solution for electrical engineers, RF professionals, and educators. Whether your focus is on signal analysis, EMI compliance, or advanced measurements, this instrument provides the tools to excel in your specific field. Uncover new opportunities in electrical and RF engineering by acquiring the UTS5026A today!

Uni-T UTS3084B Selectivity
Uni-T UTS5026A Selectivity
Uni-T UTS3084B Sweep
Uni-T UTS5026A Sweep
Uni-T UTS5026A Analog Demodulation
Uni-T UTS5026A Analog Demodulation
Model Number UTS5026A
Frequency Range 9kHz ~ 26.5GHz
RBW 1Hz ~ 3MHz
DANL -163dBm/Hz
Tracking Generator Included Not Available
Display Size (in) 15.6in
Touchscreen true
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 9 in x 5 in
Product Weight 25 lb
Included Accessories ,
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