UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer

UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
Uni-T UTS3021B 2.1GHZ Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer Isometric Image
Uni-T UTS3021B 2.1GHZ Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer Back Image
UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer
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The Uni-Trend UTS3021B Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer is an affordable 2.1GHz signal analyzer for EMI pre-compliance testing and a variety of other applications.

Top Specifications

Freq: 9kHz~2.1GHz, RBW: 1Hz~3MHz, DANL: -161dBm/Hz, Phase noise: -98dBc/Hz, Full Amplitude Accuracy: <0.7dB, Display: 10.1in touch screen, USB/LAN, SCPI
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Unlocking New Horizons with the Uni-T UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer

Uni-T UTS3021B Touch
Uni-T UTS3021B Touch

In the ever-evolving field of electrical engineering, precision and adaptability are paramount. The Uni-T UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer is here to empower electrical engineers with its versatile capabilities. With a frequency range of 9kHz to 2.1GHz and optional tracking generator functionality, this instrument offers a wide array of benefits and applications for professionals in the field.

Precision in Signal Analysis:

The Uni-T UTS3021B provides excellent selectivity, allowing for stronger signal resolution even in the presence of adjacent unequal amplitudes. This capability is invaluable in scenarios where precise signal separation and analysis are required, such as identifying interference sources in crowded frequency bands.

Enhanced Signal Detection:

With the capacity to scan up to 40,001 sweep points, this spectrum analyzer delivers higher frequency resolution, making it easier to capture signals that may be challenging to detect. This feature is particularly useful in applications where identifying specific signals or troubleshooting complex RF environments is essential.

Unmatched Sensitivity for Weak Signals:

Testing weaker signals can be challenging, as it often involves dealing with the noise floor of the spectrum analyzer itself. The UTS3021B series, with a Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) as low as -161dBm, excels in sensitivity, allowing for effective testing of weak signals. This capability proves crucial in applications where signal strength is minimal, such as monitoring low-power transmissions or detecting subtle variations in signals.

Uni-T UTS3021B EMI
Uni-T UTS3021B EMI

Intuitive Operation with Multi-Touch HD Screen:

The 10.1-inch multi-touch HD capacitive screen simplifies menu settings and supports various gesture operations like dragging, expanding, and zooming on the trace. This intuitive interface enhances user experience, ensuring quick and efficient operation in diverse settings, from the field to the laboratory.

Flexible Reference Options:

The UTS3021B offers both internal and external reference source options. It can automatically switch to an external reference source when a 10MHz clock signal is detected from an external source, streamlining synchronization with other devices. This flexibility is advantageous in scenarios where precise synchronization is crucial, such as network timing applications.

Maintenance Made Easy:

The inclusion of a removable dust filter ensures the longevity and reliability of the analyzer. By clearing dust from the air inlet, you can prevent short-circuits, burns, or fires caused by dust accumulation, ensuring uninterrupted performance over time.

Versatile Audio Capabilities:

The presence of a 3.5mm Audio Jack and a built-in speaker enhances the instrument's versatility. It enables comprehensive signal analysis, facilitates troubleshooting of audio-related issues, and streamlines testing processes. This feature proves invaluable for electrical engineers working on audio applications.

Unlock Advanced Analysis with Optional Kit:

For those seeking advanced capabilities, the Uni-T 3000B-AMK Advanced Measurement Kit offers an array of functions, including Channel Power, Time Domain Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Third-Order Intermodulation, Adjacent Channel Power, Spectrum Monitoring, Carrier-to-Noise Ratio, and Harmonic analysis. These functions are indispensable for in-depth signal analysis in various electrical engineering applications.

Uni-T UTS3021B Selectivity
Uni-T UTS3021B Selectivity

EMI Pre-compliance and Beyond:

When combined with the UTS3000B-EMI option and the UTS-EMI01 near-field probes, the UTS3021B becomes a powerful tool for identifying and addressing EMI defects in advance. This capability shortens development cycles and reduces the cost of compliance testing, ultimately saving time and resources.

Enhanced Functionality with Tracking Generator Option:

Adding the UTS3000-TG option unlocks your UTS3021B to include a signal source, expanding your measurement capabilities. This option is particularly beneficial when dealing with applications that require tracking signals for alignment, calibration, or RF component testing.

The Uni-T UTS3021B 2.1GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer offers a versatile solution for electrical engineers seeking precision, adaptability, and advanced functionality. Whether you're working with signal analysis, EMI compliance, or advanced measurements, this instrument empowers you to excel in your field. Unlock new horizons in electrical engineering – equip yourself with the UTS3021B today!

Uni-T UTS3021B Sweep
Uni-T UTS3021B Sweep
Uni-T UTS3021B Dust
Uni-T UTS3021B Dust
Uni-T UTS3021B Sensitivity
Uni-T UTS3021B Sensitivity
Model Number UTS3021B
Frequency Range 9kHz ~ 2.15GHz
RBW 1Hz ~ 3MHz
DANL -161dBm/Hz
Tracking Generator Included Optional
Display Size (in) 10.1in
Touchscreen true
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 9 in x 5 in
Product Weight 10 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable,

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