UTS1032T 3.2GHz Advanced-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

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The Uni-Trend UTS1032T Advanced-Series Spectrum Analyzer includes a tracking generator and is an affordable 3.2GHz signal analyzer for a variety applications.

Top Specifications

Freq: 9kHz~3.2GHz, RBW: 1Hz~1MHz, DANL: -161dBm/Hz, Phase Noise: -98dBc/Hz, Full Amplitude Accuracy: <0.7dB, Display: 10.1in touch screen, USB/LAN, SCPI, Tracking Generator
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Uni-T UTS1032T Advanced-Series Spectrum Analyzer: Your RF Analysis Powerhouse

Uni-T UTS1032T Selectivity
Uni-T UTS1032T Selectivity

In today's ever-evolving world of electronics and telecommunications, precision and versatility are paramount. The Uni-T UTS1032T Advanced-Series Spectrum Analyzer is here to meet the needs of electrical and RF engineers and educators specializing in electrical and RF engineering. With its expanded frequency range, spanning from 9kHz to an impressive 3.2GHz, this instrument unlocks a world of possibilities for professionals and educators alike.

Exploring the Extended Frequency Range

The UTS1032T extends the boundaries of frequency analysis, covering a range from 9kHz to 3.2GHz. This expanded spectrum opens up a multitude of new applications. Electrical and RF engineers can delve into high-frequency projects, such as microwave communication systems, satellite communications, and radar technology. Educators can introduce students to the intricacies of higher-frequency RF signals, bridging the gap between theory and real-world applications.

Precision and Sensitivity at its Best

The UTS1032T boasts an exceptional DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level) of below -161dBm, ensuring accurate capture of even the faintest signals. Its superior selectivity ensures clear differentiation of adjacent unequal amplitudes. Whether you're in the field, the lab, or the classroom, this analyzer provides unparalleled accuracy in detecting and resolving signals.

Uni-T UTS1032T Touch
Uni-T UTS1032T Touch

Unparalleled Spectrum Insight

With 10,001 scan points, the UTS1032T offers unmatched spectrum analysis detail. Rapid identification and resolution of abnormal signals have never been easier. Electrical and RF engineers can swiftly pinpoint interference sources, while educators can use it as a powerful teaching tool to illustrate signal characteristics vividly.

Seamless Operation for Enhanced Productivity

The 10.1-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen streamlines your tasks, allowing seamless adjustments, detailed zooming, and effortless navigation. Whether you're in the field, lab, or classroom, the UTS1032T simplifies complex operations, boosting your productivity.

Streamlined EMI Pre-compliance

For professionals and educators addressing EMI issues proactively, the UTS1032T includes the UTS1000B-EMI option and the UTS-EMI01 near-field probe kit. This combination streamlines the identification and mitigation of EMI defects, ensuring compliance and reliability in RF projects.

Uni-T UTS1032T EMI
Uni-T UTS1032T EMI

Advanced Measurement Capabilities

Electrical and RF engineers can elevate their spectrum analysis with the UTS1000B-AMK (Advanced Measurement Kit). From channel power to harmonic measurements and beyond, it delivers profound insights into RF signals, ideal for advanced applications.

Robust Connectivity Options

The UTS1032T features a full suite of interfaces, including Type-N female 50 ohm main RF input, external reference in, external trigger input, HDMI display out, USB Host, USB Device, and LAN RJ-45. Its SCPI protocol support seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, simplifying your workflow.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your RF analysis capabilities. Secure the Uni-T UTS1032T Advanced-Series Spectrum Analyzer today and embark on a journey of precision, versatility, and RF mastery. Whether you're an electrical or RF engineer or an educator in electrical and RF engineering, this instrument is your gateway to RF excellence. Elevate your RF exploration – acquire your instrument now!

Uni-T UTS1032T Scan
Uni-T UTS1032T Scan
Uni-T UTS1032T Traces
Uni-T UTS1032T Traces
Uni-T UTS1032T Functions
Uni-T UTS1032T Functions
Model Number UTS1032T
Frequency Range 9kHz ~ 3.2GHz
RBW 1Hz ~ 1MHz
DANL -161dBm/Hz
Tracking Generator Included Included
Display Size (in) 10.1in
Touchscreen true
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Dimmensions (L x W x H) 21 in x 12 in x 16 in
Shipping Weight 14 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable,

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