Uni-Trend US and Stratatek Forge Partnership to Elevate Benchtop Instrumentation Standards

Uni-Trend US and Stratatek Forge Partnership to Elevate Benchtop Instrumentation Standards

April 15, 2024

Bellingham, WA — Uni-Trend US and Stratatek are excited to announce a new partnership that combines Uni-Trend's engineering expertise with Stratatek's robust sales, technical consulting, and service capabilities to deliver an enhanced benchtop instrumentation experience. This collaboration is set to provide customers with advanced technology backed by expert support and comprehensive services.

Pete Stoermer, Director of North America Sales at Uni-Trend US, remarked, "Our commitment to quality and precision in benchtop instrumentation is now complemented by Stratatek's strong distribution and technical expertise. Together, we will ensure our customers have seamless access to our premium products, supported by Stratatek’s ability to provide top-tier consultation and calibration services."

Chris Kruitz, President & CEO of Stratatek, stated, "Our seasoned team not only excels in distribution but also in providing detailed technical guidance and support. From expert consultations to calibration services, we equip our customers—both seasoned and new—with the tools they need for success. Our aim is to streamline the procurement and service process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from purchase to productivity.”

Uni-Trend US and Stratatek are dedicated to driving forward innovations that meet the evolving needs of our customers, delivering solutions that enhance research capabilities and lead to new discoveries. The partnership is poised to exceed customer expectations by offering unmatched value and comprehensive support.

About Uni-Trend US
Uni-Trend US (Uni-T) is a leading manufacturer of Test and Measurement instruments globally. Committed to continual innovation and adhering to international safety standards, Uni-Trend strives to meet the dynamic needs of its customers with products that emphasize both innovation and safety. Uni-Trend is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, continually enhancing them through rigorous research and development.

About Stratatek
Established in 2008, Stratatek Test & Measurement has emerged as a trusted leader in the field of Test and Measurement solutions. Specializing in Test & Measurement and RF & Microwave equipment sales and service, we are committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions tailored to our clients' needs. With a focus on quality and integrated offerings, we serve industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Power, Medical, and Pharma. Stratatek's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction drives our ongoing growth and success.

For more information and to explore product offerings, visit www.Uni-TrendUS.com and www.Stratatek.com.

Contact: Sean Silvey Marketing Manager, Uni-Trend US

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