Uni-Trend Technology US Announces Strategic Partnership with TestEquity

Uni-Trend Technology US Announces Strategic Partnership with TestEquity

July 10, 2024 - Bellingham, WA – Uni-Trend Technology US, a leading innovator in electrical products, proudly announces a transformative partnership with TestEquity, a renowned name in the distribution landscape. This strategic alliance is set to reshape the industry, delivering unparalleled benefits in terms of product availability, customer service, and overall business growth.

“TestEquity is at the forefront of distribution in the test equipment market. We know that their trained team of sales professionals will be able to showcase our products to their customers,” said Pete Stoermer, North American Sales Director at Uni-T. “We are very fortunate and excited to have a distribution partner with a reputation like theirs offering our products to technicians and engineers across a variety of industries.”

One of the world’s most renowned test and measurement solutions providers, Uni-Trend Technology is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company, with its products meeting stringent international certifications including CE, ETL, and TUV. Uni-Trend Technology solutions cater to diverse engineering needs.

Uni-T products include:

About TestEquity

TestEquity, including Hisco, Jensen Tools, and Techni-Tool, is the electronics industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies. Including the design of a full line of the industry’s highest-quality environmental test chambers, TestEquity offers the most test solutions, tools, toolkits and supplies to help design and manufacture electronics supporting the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries. Serving electronic design and test engineers as well as maintenance technicians, industrial manufacturing assembly, and the telecommunication repair community, the distributor features products from over 1,100 manufacturer brands. For more information, visit www.testequity.com.

About Uni-Trend Technology

At the forefront of manufacturing innovative, reliable, safe-to-use, and user-friendly test and measurement products, Uni-Trend Technology maintains research and development centers located in Dongguan, Chengdu, and Changzhou, with a US office in Bellingham Washington for domestic support. The company’s global reach is highlighted by collaborations with partners in over 80 countries, ensuring their products meet and exceed industry standards worldwide. For more information, visit www.Uni-TrendUS.com

Contact information:
Uni- Trend Technology US, Sean Silvey, Marketing Manager, marketing@uni-trendus.com