UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator
UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator
Uni-T UTS3084T 8.4GHZ Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator Isometric Image
Uni-T UTS3084T 8.4GHZ Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator Back Image
UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator
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The Uni-Trend UTS3084T Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer includes a tracking generator and is an affordable 8.4GHz signal analyzer for EMI pre-compliance testing and a variety of other applications.

Top Specifications

Freq: 9kHz~8.4GHz, RBW: 1Hz~3MHz, DANL: -161dBm/Hz, Phase noise: -98dBc/Hz, Full Amplitude Accuracy: <0.7dB, Display: 10.1in touch screen, USB/LAN, SCPI, Tracking Generator
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Unleash Precision and Versatility with the Uni-T UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

Engineering Excellence:

The Uni-T UTS3084T caters to the discerning needs of electrical and RF engineers, offering an unparalleled range with its impressive 8.4GHz top frequency. In the realm of high-frequency signal analysis, this spectrum analyzer stands as an essential companion, elevating your capabilities to new heights. Whether you're an RF designer, telecommunications engineer, or radar specialist, the UTS3084T's expansive 8.4GHz range equips you with the precision to tackle complex engineering challenges head-on.

Applications and Use Cases for 8.4GHz -

Telecommunications Revolution:

Engineers spearheading the telecommunications revolution rely on the UTS3084T to analyze a myriad of signals spanning from microwave frequencies to millimeter-wave bands. This broad bandwidth facilitates the development of cutting-edge communication systems, ensuring seamless data transmission and optimal network performance.

Uni-T UTS3084T Sweep feature
Uni-T UTS3084T Sweep feature

High-Frequency Radar Systems:

In the domain of radar technology, where accuracy is paramount, the UTS3084T's extensive bandwidth becomes indispensable. Engineers can delve into advanced radar systems, including those employed in aerospace and defense applications, with the confidence of capturing and interpreting high-frequency signals with precision.

Satellite Communication:

Satellite communication engineers harness the UTS3084T's capabilities to scrutinize and optimize signals in the higher frequency bands used for satellite uplinks and downlinks. This ensures reliable data transmission, even over vast distances.

Key Features -

  • Exceptional Selectivity: The UTS3084T excels in resolving closely spaced signals with unequal amplitudes, enabling engineers to minimize interference and obtain precise measurements—a crucial capability for intricate RF environments.
Uni-T UTS3084T Selectivity feature
Uni-T UTS3084T-Selectivity feature
  • High Resolution with 40,001 Sweep Points: Equipped with up to 40,001 sweep points, this analyzer provides the fine frequency resolution required for capturing elusive signals, empowering engineers with signal identification and analysis prowess.
  • Unrivaled Sensitivity: Featuring a DANL as low as -161dBm, the UTS3084T empowers engineers to uncover and measure even the faintest of signals. This heightened sensitivity ensures that no signal remains concealed, offering a comprehensive perspective of the signal landscape.
  • Multi-Touch HD Screen: The 10.1-inch multi-touch HD capacitive screen facilitates quick and intuitive menu navigation, supporting multiple gesture operations for streamlined data analysis, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Advanced Functions for Comprehensive Signal Analysis - Option UTS3000-AMK

    • Channel Power: Channel power measurement is essential for engineers to determine the total power contained within a specific frequency channel. This function is crucial for ensuring that signals adhere to regulatory limits and for assessing the power efficiency of communication systems.
    • Time Domain Power: Time domain power analysis provides valuable insights into signal behavior over time. Electrical engineers leverage this function to understand signal dynamics, detect transient events, and diagnose issues such as overshoot, undershoot, or ringing in both digital and analog signals.
    • Occupied Bandwidth: Occupied bandwidth measurement is a vital tool for RF engineers to determine how much frequency spectrum a signal occupies. This capability ensures that transmitted signals fit within allocated frequency bands, preventing interference with other systems and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Third-Order Intermodulation: In the realm of RF systems, third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD3) is a critical parameter. It measures the generation of unwanted intermodulation products when multiple signals mix within a nonlinear device. Engineers rely on this analysis to ensure signal purity and minimize distortion in communication systems.
Uni-T UTS3084T Touch feature
Uni-T UTS3084T Touch feature
  • Adjacent Channel Power: The measurement of adjacent channel power is of utmost importance in RF systems. It quantifies the power leakage into neighboring frequency channels, crucial for preventing interference between adjacent channels. This functionality ensures efficient utilization of the frequency spectrum, especially in applications like wireless communication and broadcasting.
  • Spectrum Monitoring: Spectrum monitoring provides engineers with a real-time view of the entire frequency spectrum. RF engineers use this function for spectrum surveillance, interference detection, and frequency allocation management in crowded RF environments. It aids in maintaining the integrity of signal transmission.
  • Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (CNR): CNR measurement plays a pivotal role in evaluating the signal strength relative to the noise level in a communication system. It is an essential parameter for assessing the quality of received signals, optimizing receiver sensitivity, and ensuring reliable data transmission.
  • Harmonic Analysis: Harmonic analysis is a critical tool in RF and power electronics. It assesses the presence and strength of harmonic frequencies within a signal. This capability is vital for detecting unwanted harmonic content, ensuring compliance with emission standards, and preserving signal integrity.

Built-in Tracking Generator -

Uni-T UTS3084T Sensitivity feature
Uni-T UTS3084T Sensitivity feature

The UTS3084T takes signal analysis to the next level with its integrated Tracking Generator. This versatile feature allows engineers to generate known test signals directly from the analyzer, simplifying tasks such as antenna testing, filter response measurements, and cable characterization.

When do you need a tracking generator on a spectrum analyzer?

  • Antenna Testing: Engineers can assess the performance of antennas by using the Tracking Generator to generate specific test frequencies. This enables precise measurements of antenna gain, radiation patterns, and impedance matching.
  • Filter Response Measurements: When evaluating the performance of RF filters, the Tracking Generator aids in generating test signals that help engineers analyze filter characteristics, such as bandwidth, insertion loss, and selectivity.
  • Cable Characterization: Engineers use the Tracking Generator to assess cable performance by analyzing characteristics such as insertion loss and impedance. It simplifies the process of identifying cable faults and optimizing signal transmission.

EMI Pre-compliance:

Detecting and addressing potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues early in product development is a game-changer. The UTS3084T, when paired with the UTS3000B-EMI option and accessories like the Uni-T UTS-EMI01 near-field probes, streamlines the EMI pre-compliance process, saving valuable time and resources. Identifying and mitigating EMI defects at an early stage ensures that products meet regulatory standards, perform reliably, and eliminate the need for costly design revisions or recalls.

Uni-T UTS3084T EMI feature
Uni-T UTS3084T EMI feature

Flexible Reference Source:

The UTS3084T offers the flexibility of an external reference source, enhancing measurement accuracy, stability, and compatibility with other equipment. This feature is indispensable for applications demanding high-frequency precision, ensuring the utmost accuracy in your measurements.

Dust-Proof Design:

The removable dust filter safeguards your instrument against dust accumulation, reducing the risk of short-circuits, burns, or fire hazards, ensuring long-term reliability.

Enhanced Audio Capability for Complete Analysis:

In addition to its exceptional bandwidth, the UTS3084T goes the extra mile by featuring a 3.5mm Audio Jack and a built-in speaker. The 3.5mm Audio Jack empowers you to connect external audio devices, facilitating real-time audio analysis and monitoring—an invaluable asset when evaluating audio signals in RF systems or communication devices. The built-in speaker provides instant audio feedback, enabling swift identification of audio anomalies, further enhancing your diagnostic capabilities.

Unleash the Future of Signal Analysis with the Uni-T UTS3084T 8.4GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzer.

Designed to empower engineers like you with unparalleled precision, versatility, and audio analysis capabilities, it's the key to unlocking a new era of signal exploration in the world of high-frequency engineering.

Model Number UTS3084T
Frequency Range 9kHz ~ 8.4GHz
RBW 1Hz ~ 3MHz
DANL -161dBm/Hz
Tracking Generator Included Included
Display Size (in) 10.1in
Touchscreen true
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 9 in x 5 in
Product Weight 10 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable,

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