UDP3305S 4Ch Performance-Series Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

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The Uni-Trend UDP3305S High-Performance programmable linear DC power supply is a diverse and cost-effective unit for teaching, scientific research, and measuring in the industrial field.

Top Specifications

4CH, CH1/CH2: 0~30V/0~5A, CH3: 0~6V/0~3A, CH4: 5V/2A, Resolution: 1mV/1mA, Watts: 328W, Accuracy: <0.03%+10mV/<0.2%+5mA, USB/RS232/LAN, Digital I/O
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The UDP3000S Series is a high-performance programmable linear DC power supply. It has a clear LCD user interface, excellent performance indicators, a variety of analysis functions and communication interfaces. It can meet the diversified test needs of users. It aims to provide cost-effective DC programmable power supply equipment for teaching, scientific research, industry and other fields.


LCD interactive interface

Using a 4.3-inch high-definition display screen, it provides users with a man-machine interface with rich functions and simple operation, which can display the current set output voltage/current, actual output voltage/current and protection output voltage/current value of the power supply in real time. The functional interface is simple and comprehensive, easy to operate.

One-key setting for series and parallel

The series-parallel connection between CH1 and CH2 of the main channel can be realized without external connection, which simplifies the connection and makes the test easier.


List/Delayer function

With list and delay setting functions, it can set up to 2048 sets of data according to test requirements, and the number of cycles can reach 99999. It is used with waveform templates, which is very convenient for cycle testing and aging testing.

Rich remote control interface

Standard RS232 communication interface, Ethernet interface, Digital I/O and master and slave USB interfaces, can be controlled by remote connection to Ethernet, or through RS232 and USB, with the host computer software to achieve software control.

Model Number UDP3305S
Channels 4Ch
Max V DC 30VDC
Max A DC 5A
Watts 328W
Max V Resolution 1mV
Max A Resolution 1mA
Programmable true
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Dimmensions (L x W x H) 18 in x 14 in x 12 in
Shipping Weight 28 oz
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, Digital IO plug