UTG932E 30MHz 2Ch Classic-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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The Uni-Trend UTG932E Classic-Series aribitrary waveform generator is your choice for a flexible 30MHz source that fits easily into your budget and in your hand.

Top Specifications

30MHz, 2 channels, 200MSa/s, Memory Depth: 4Kpts, 4.3in display, USB, Modulations: AM, FM, PM, FSK, Line, Log
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Uni-T UTG932E: Your Ultimate Waveform Signal Generator

Uni-T UTG932E fits in the palm of your hand
Uni-T UTG932E fits in the palm of your hand

Are you an electronics enthusiast searching for an affordable yet high-performance waveform signal generator that fits in the palm of your hand? Look no further! The Uni-T UTG932E is here to revolutionize your testing experience. 

Unparalleled Performance and Affordability

The Uni-T UTG932E stands out as a handheld, economical, and high-performance arbitrary function waveform generator. It combines cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness to cater to the needs of both professionals and beginners. Offering an impressive minimum resolution of 1μHz, a compact form factor, and lightweight design, this generator proudly belongs to our most affordable line of instruments. Get ready to enhance your work efficiency and accelerate your learning curve.

Uni-T UTG932E Waveform Options
Uni-T UTG932E Waveform Options

Uni-T UTG932E Top Specifications:

  • Max. Output Frequency: Experience precision with a maximum output frequency of 30 MHz.
  • Sample Rate: Achieve unparalleled accuracy with a sample rate of 200 MSa/s.
  • Vertical Resolution: Benefit from exceptional clarity with 14 bits of vertical resolution.
  • Channels: Harness versatility with 2 independent channels at your disposal.

Palm-Sized Powerhouse

The Uni-T UTG932E waveform signal generator redefines convenience. Compact and palm-sized, it becomes your personal signal output source that fits snugly in your hand. This portability ensures that you can take it with you wherever your projects may lead.

Two Channels, Countless Possibilities

With the Uni-T UTG932E, you have access to two channels of independent waveform signals, each offering a comprehensive range of options. Whether you need a sine wave, square wave, ramp, pulse, noise, DC signal, or even an arbitrary waveform, this generator has you covered. Unleash your creativity and tailor your waveforms to your exact requirements.

Seamless Modulation

Uni-T UTG900E Modulation Functions
Uni-T UTG900E Modulation Functions

Elevate your experiments with ease by utilizing the built-in modulation function. The Uni-T UTG932E supports various modulation types, including AM, FM, PM, and FSK. Achieve precise control over your signals and explore new dimensions in your testing.

Versatile Waveforms at Your Fingertips

The Uni-T UTG932E comes equipped with 24 non-volatile digital arbitrary waveforms, ready to be deployed in your projects. These waveforms open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to fine-tune your experiments with precision.

Sweep to Perfection

Harness the power of sweep functions in your testing procedures. The Uni-T UTG932E waveform signal generator offers both linear and logarithmic sweep types. Whether you need to perform a test scan from low to high or scan output from high to low, this instrument ensures accuracy in your results.

Uni-T UTG900E Aribitrary Waveform Functions
Uni-T UTG900E Aribitrary Waveform Functions

Are you ready to elevate your electronics testing to new heights? The Uni-T UTG932E waveform signal generator is your gateway to precision, versatility, and convenience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your work and learning efficiency. Act now and make the Uni-T UTG932E an invaluable addition to your toolkit. Purchase yours today!

Model Number UTG932E
Frequency 30MHz
Channels 2Ch
Refresh Rate 200MSa/s
Memory Depth 4kpts
Vertical Resolution 14 Bits
Display Size (in) 4.3in
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Dimmensions (L x W x H) 17 in x 14 in x 5 in
Shipping Weight 9 lb
Documents English download guide
Included Accessories BNC straight-through cable, BNC to alligator clip cable, Power adapter (5V/2A, including UL, CE adapter), USB to DC power cord
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