UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Uni-T UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Isometric Image
UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Uni-T UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Back Image
UTG4162A 160MHz 2Ch Peformance-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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The Uni-Trend UTG4162A Performance-Series arbitrary waveform generator takes your test bench to the next level. Affordably produce 160MHz signals in a variety of modulations.

Top Specifications

160MHz, 2 channels, 500MS/s, Memory Depth: 32Mpts, 8in display, USB. Modulations: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, SUM, QAM
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Revolutionize Your Testing Experience with the Uni-T UTG4162A Waveform Generator

UTG4000A Burst Output Functions
UTG4000A Burst Output Functions

Attention, electrical engineers! It's time to elevate your testing capabilities with the Uni-T UTG4162A waveform generator—a true game-changer for your engineering endeavors. Unveiling a host of advanced features, this instrument is your ticket to precision, versatility, and unrivaled performance. Join us on a journey to explore how the Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator can redefine your electrical engineering projects.

Uni-T UTG4162A Top Specifications:

  • Max. Output Frequency: Now featuring an astonishing maximum output frequency of 160MHz, the Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator sets the stage for high-frequency signal generation. Whether you're delving into RF circuit design, telecommunications, or advanced research, this extended frequency range is your gateway to exploration.
  • Frequency Resolution: With an impressive 1 μHz resolution, this generator empowers you to fine-tune waveforms with unmatched precision. Craft intricate signals and replicate real-world scenarios with ease.
  • UTG4000A Interface
    UTG4000A Interface
  • Sample Rate: Harness the power of a rapid 500 MSa/s sampling rate, ensuring faithful signal reproduction. From signal analysis to circuit verification, your experiments will benefit from this level of accuracy.
  • Vertical Resolution: Enjoy exceptional signal fidelity with a 16-bit vertical resolution. This reduction in distortion and precise control over your waveforms opens doors to advanced experiments and comprehensive analyses.
  • Channels: The Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator maintains two independent channels, providing flexibility in waveform creation. Whether you need to generate differential signals, explore balanced circuit testing, or execute complex experiments, these channels are your trusted companions.
  • Arbitrary Wavelength: With an expansive 32Mpts waveform length, the Uni-T UTG4162A allows you to craft intricate waveforms effortlessly. Simulate complex analog circuits, validate your designs, and optimize your projects with ease.
UTG4000A Frequency Counter Function
UTG4000A Frequency Counter Function

Intuitive Menu System: Streamline your workflow and minimize configuration time with the Uni-T UTG4162A's user-friendly menu system. Quickly set waveform parameters, including shape, amplitude, frequency, duty cycle, and DC offset. By simplifying your testing process, this feature allows you to focus on the results that matter most.

Rich Modulation Functions: Unlock new dimensions in your testing with an array of modulation possibilities. The Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator offers a plethora of rich analog and digital modulation types, such as Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Phase Modulation (PM), and more. Use these modulation functions to analyze and optimize communication systems, ensuring your designs meet rigorous performance standards.

Harmonic Output Function: Achieve waveform perfection with the 16-order harmonic output feature. Tailor signals with up to 16 harmonics of the fundamental frequency, including even or odd harmonics, all harmonics, or user-defined harmonics. Fine-tune the amplitude and phase of each harmonic to create customized waveforms for your experiments.

Built-In Arbitrary Waveforms: Never run out of signal generation options with over 160 built-in arbitrary waveforms, 32Mpts arbitrary waveform memory, and a generous 7GB of non-volatile waveform storage. Be prepared for any signal generation need that arises during your projects and access a vast library of waveforms to enhance your testing efficiency.

UTG4000A Noise Output Functions
UTG4000A Noise Output Functions

Frequency Counter: The Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator boasts a versatile frequency counter with a measurement range spanning from 100mHz to 200MHz. This feature allows you to accurately measure frequency and duty ratio of a compatible TTL level signal, making it an invaluable tool for signal analysis, troubleshooting, and waveform validation.

Sweep Function: Explore sweeping possibilities with linear and logarithmic scan types. Tailor your scans to specific requirements, whether you need to sweep from low frequency to high frequency or vice versa. Choose from a variety of carrier waves, including sine, square, sawtooth, or arbitrary waveforms. Manual, external, and internal triggering options provide flexibility in your testing process, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

Numeric Keyboard on Front Panel: Bid farewell to the hassle of knob turning. The numeric keyboard on the front panel allows you to input precise frequencies with ease, reducing setup time and ensuring accurate signal output. This feature streamlines your testing process, allowing you to focus on your experiments' outcomes.

Unique Digital Interface: Go beyond standard waveform signal generation with the Uni-T UTG4162A's unique digital interface. It supports three protocol coding types: I2C, SPI, and UART (TTL). This means you can send continuous-time signals and manually configure protocol parameters for various protocol modes. The front panel's protocol output interface enables you to output corresponding signals effortlessly, making it a valuable tool for digital signal analysis, circuit verification, and communication protocol testing.

UTG4000A Setting the frequency
UTG4000A Setting the frequency

Big, Bright Display: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility of your waveform settings and results on the 8-inch TFT LCD display with WVGA resolution (800×480). Ensure that every detail is visible, enhancing your testing and experimentation process.

Standard Ports: Connect seamlessly with USB Host, USB Device, LAN, 10MHz Input, 10MHz Output, Frequency Counter, FSK Trig, and Modulation In ports. These ports provide the necessary interfaces for your testing needs, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment and setups.

Real-World Engineering Use Case:

Imagine you're tasked with designing and validating a state-of-the-art RF communication system operating in the 5G spectrum. The Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator, with its exceptional 160MHz maximum output frequency and rich modulation functions, becomes your indispensable ally. You can precisely generate complex waveforms to simulate various communication scenarios, ensuring your system meets stringent performance requirements. The harmonic output function allows you to analyze signal distortion, ensuring optimal signal quality. With the numeric keyboard and user-friendly menu system, you streamline your testing process, ultimately accelerating your project's success.

Are you ready to revolutionize your testing experience and enhance your engineering projects? The Uni-T UTG4162A arbitrary waveform generator empowers you with precision, versatility, and reliability that knows no bounds. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your work and achieve extraordinary results. Act now and make the Uni-T UTG4162A an essential addition to your toolkit. Purchase yours today and embark on a journey of innovation and discovery!

UTG4000A Setting Waveform Characteristics
UTG4000A Setting Waveform Characteristics
Uni-T UTG4000A Modulation Functions
Uni-T UTG4000A Modulation Functions
UTG4000A Harmonic Functions
UTG4000A Harmonic Functions
UTG4000A Arb Functions
UTG4000A Arb Functions
UTG4000A Sweep Functions
UTG4000A Sweep Functions
Model Number UTG4162A
Frequency 160MHz
Square/Pulse (Hz) 50MHz
Channels 2Ch
Refresh Rate 500MSa/s
Memory Depth 32Mpts
Vertical Resolution 16 Bits
# Built-in Arbs 160
Modulation Types AM  FM  FSK  PM  QAM  ASK  PSK  BPSK  QPSK  OSK  PWM  SUM 
Sweep Modes Linear  Logarithmic 
Frequency Counter 100mHz - 200MHz
Display Size (in) 8in
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 13 in x 4 in x 6 in
Product Weight 8 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, BNC straight line*2
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