UTG2122B 120MHz 2Ch Advanced-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

UTG2122B 120MHz 2Ch Advanced-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Uni-T UTG2122B 120MHz 2Ch Advanced-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Isometric Image
Uni-T UTG2122B 120MHz 2Ch Advanced-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Back Image
UTG2122B 120MHz 2Ch Advanced-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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The Uni-Trend UTG2122B Advanced-Series aribtrary waveform generator is an affordable and stable 120MHz source for your test bench.

Top Specifications

120MHz, 2 channels, 320MS/s, Memory Depth: 16Mpts, 4.3in display, USB. Modulations: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, SUM, QAM, DSB-AM
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Experience Precision and Versatility with the Uni-T UTG2122B Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Uni-T UTG2000B 120MHz Max Frequency
Uni-T UTG2000B 120MHz Max Frequency

Engineers seeking top-tier signal fidelity and reliable waveform generation need not look any further than the Uni-T UTG2122B arbitrary waveform generator. With an impressive feature set, including frequencies up to 120MHz, 16-bit resolution, and an expansive 16Mpts arbitrary waveform length, this instrument excels at reproducing waveforms with exceptional fidelity and minimal jitter. It's your gateway to meeting the demands of complex and extensive applications, both now and in the future.

Uni-T UTG2122B Top Features:

  • High-Frequency Capability: With a remarkable maximum output frequency of 120MHz, the two-channel Uni-T UTG2122B arbitrary waveform generator offers a plethora of basic waveforms, including sine waves, square waves, ramps, pulses, harmonics, noise, DC signals, expressions, and arbitrary waveforms. Use it to generate high-frequency signals for RF testing and research applications.
  • Uni-T UTG2000B Modulation Functions
    Uni-T UTG2000B Modulation Functions
  • 16-Bit Vertical Resolution: The 16-bit vertical resolution in this function generator elevates precision and accuracy to a whole new level. It's the ideal choice for engineers and researchers working on critical and high-precision projects, reducing signal distortion, and enabling realistic simulations of analog signals. Use it to simulate complex analog circuits with precision.
  • Expression Output: The Uni-T UTG2122B arbitrary waveform generator introduces an expression output function that allows for complex waveform calculations. By combining numbers, operational characters, class symbols, and free variables, you can craft intricate output waveforms tailored to your needs. For instance, you can express output as Vout = f(x), with expressions like f(x) = (x-1) * x * (x+1). Utilize this feature for mathematical modeling and waveform synthesis in research and development.
  • Versatile Modulation Functions: Dive into a world of modulation possibilities with multiple analog and digital modulation functions. These include AM, FM, PM, PWM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, DSB-AM, SUM, and QAM. Use modulation functions to analyze the performance of communication systems and modulation schemes.
  • Uni-T UTG2000B Expressions Output Functions
    Uni-T UTG2000B Expressions Output Functions
    Extensive Built-In Arbitrary Waveforms: The Uni-T UTG2122B arbitrary waveform generator comes loaded with an extensive library of signal shapes and waveform options, providing you with a diverse range of signals to work with. With over 160 different signal shapes, you have the flexibility to create unique and intricate waveforms. Employ these waveforms to simulate real-world signals in testing and validation processes.
  • Customize Your Arbitrary Signal with Up to 16Mpts: Take advantage of free downloadable software to create and customize your waveforms effortlessly. This feature allows you to tailor your signals precisely to your unique requirements. Use it to generate complex, customized waveforms for semiconductor device testing.
  • Efficient Channel Coupling: Efficiency is key with the channel coupling feature. When you adjust the frequency, amplitude, or phase of one channel, the other channel automatically synchronizes, simplifying your testing process. Use this feature for differential signal generation and balanced circuit testing.
  • Advanced Sweep Functionality and Harmonic Output: Explore sweeping possibilities with linear and logarithmic scan types. Additionally, the built-in 16th harmonic output function enhances your signal generation capabilities, providing harmonic-rich waveforms for your experiments. Utilize harmonic-rich waveforms for RF signal distortion analysis.
Uni-T UTG2000B Channel Coupling Function
Uni-T UTG2000B Channel Coupling Function

Ready to elevate your testing and experimentation to new heights? The Uni-T UTG2122B arbitrary waveform generator is your ticket to precision, versatility, and reliability. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your work and achieve outstanding results. Act now and make the Uni-T UTG2122B an essential addition to your toolkit. Purchase yours today and experience the power of cutting-edge waveform generation!

Model Number UTG2122B
Frequency 120MHz
Channels 2Ch
Refresh Rate 320MSa/s
Memory Depth 16Mpts
Vertical Resolution 16 Bits
Display Size (in) 4.3in
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Dimmensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 13 in x 13 in
Shipping Weight 10 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC)
Included Accessories Power cord, USB2.0 printing cable, BNC straight-through cable, BNC to alligator clip cable
Not Currently Available. Contact us with questions.
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