UT8804E 4.8 Digit Advanced-Series Bench Digital Multimeter

Uni-T UT8804E 4.8 Digit Advanced-Series Bench Digital Multimeter Front Image
Uni-T UT8804E 4.8 Digit Advanced-Series Bench Digital Multimeter Isometric Image
Uni-T UT8804E 4.8 Digit Advanced-Series Bench Digital Multimeter Back Image
UT8804E 4.8 Digit Advanced-Series Bench Digital Multimeter
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Benchtop multimeter for the engineering or R&D team with 4 5/6 digit display

Top Specifications

4.8 Digit Display, Auto-Ranging, TRMS, 59,999 Counts, 0.025% Accuracy, 4.3in TFT
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Unlocking Precision and Versatility with the Uni-T UT8804E Benchtop Desktop Multimeter


Are you searching for the ultimate multimeter that offers a multitude of advanced features for your electrical engineering projects? Look no further than the Uni-T UT8804E. This exceptional benchtop desktop multimeter redefines the possibilities of measurement, allowing you to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease.

Uni-T UT8804E Key Specifications:

  • Reading resolution: 4⅚, maximum reading 59999
  • Measuring rate: 2 readings/s
  • DC voltage range: 60mV - 1000V
  • DC current range: 600μA - 20A
  • AC voltage range (True-RMS): 60mV - 1000V
  • AC current range (True-RMS): 600μA - 20A
  • Resistance range: 600Ω - 60MΩ
  • Temperature range: -40°F - 1832°F
  • Capacitance range: 6nF - 60mF
  • Conductivity range: 60ns
  • Frequency measurement range: 60Hz - 60MHz
  • Duty cycle measurement range: 10% - 90%

Key Features:

  • Diverse Measurement Capabilities: The Uni-T UT8804E is your go-to instrument for an extensive range of measurements. It can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, conductance, diodes, continuity, capacitance, temperature, frequency, pulse width, and much more. Whether you're testing electronic components or analyzing complex circuits, this multimeter is your all-in-one solution.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Measure voltage and current in various circuits, assess component resistance, check diode functionality, and evaluate capacitance for optimal circuit design.

  • High-Resolution Display: With its impressive 4⅚ digit (59999) display, the Uni-T UT8804E delivers high-precision and accurate result displays. The digitized analog display bar enhances the intuitiveness of viewing measurement results. Its 4.3-inch full-color display provides a superior visual experience, ensuring that you have a clear view of your measurements.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Achieve precise and reliable measurements, even in complex circuitry, with a display that offers both clarity and accuracy.

  • Multiple Measurement Options: Customize your measurements on the Uni-T UT8804E by selecting from multiple test parameters for each test item. This flexibility allows you to tailor your measurements to specific requirements, all while displaying the main parameters for a comprehensive view of your data.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Fine-tune your measurements by selecting secondary parameters, enabling precise evaluation of electronic components and circuits.

  • Comprehensive Data Recording: The Uni-T UT8804E boasts a powerful recording function. It captures historical data, presenting it in statistical and trend charts. During recording, you'll have real-time access to critical information, including the number of samples, recording duration, extreme values, and average values.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Monitor trends and detect anomalies in your data, ensuring that your electrical systems are operating optimally.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Easily analyze recorded data with full-time statistical information and an intuitive trend chart. This feature allows you to identify data abnormalities within specific time slots and obtain values at specific time points by adjusting the cursor on the trend chart.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Conduct in-depth analysis to pinpoint issues and make informed decisions regarding your electrical systems.

  • Maximum/Minimum Value Statistics: The Uni-T UT8804E offers maximum and minimum value statistics, aiding in the identification of peak outputs, minimum outputs, and average values. It also provides information about when extreme values occurred and the total measurement time slot.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Quickly identify critical data points and trends across various testable items for comprehensive analysis.

  • Pass/Fail Comparison Function: The pass/fail comparison function is invaluable for batch device testing. The Uni-T UT8804E automatically identifies unqualified devices within the required index range and sounds an alarm, ensuring product quality and consistency.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Streamline quality control processes and ensure that your products meet industry standards.

  • Reference Value Mode: With the "REL" button, you can set test reference values based on the error or deviation of measured items. The display provides calculation results relative to the reference value, offering precise insights into measurement accuracy.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Fine-tune measurements and assess deviations for enhanced measurement accuracy.

  • Remote Operation: Connect your Uni-T UT8804E to a computer and install the driver software to unlock the power of remote operation. This feature allows you to view and control the multimeter remotely, providing real-time access to historical data and trend charts.

    Electrical Engineering Application: Stay connected to your experiments and projects, monitoring critical data from anywhere and making informed decisions remotely.

Elevate your measurement capabilities and take on complex electrical engineering tasks with confidence. Invest in the Uni-T UT8804E and experience the next level of precision, versatility, and automation. Make it an essential part of your toolkit today!

Model Number UT8804E
Digits 4.8
Count 59,999
Ranging true
TRMS true
Accuracy 0.025%
Warranty 3 years
Product Dimmensions (L x W x H) 13 in x 5 in x 11 in
Product Weight 7 lb
Documents English download guide, multi-language safety manual, calibration report (COC), UT8800 series safety instructions attachment
Included Accessories Power cord, USB printing cable, UT-L41 alligator clip short test cable, multimeter test leads, K-type thermocouple, adapter socket UT-S04A
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